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•  Modifying the home to reduce the risks of accidents provides a safe environment.
•  Facilitate emergency response technology
•  Environment risk reduction assessment

Facts about Falls:

•  30% of people over 65 will fall each year
•  60% of falls occur at home
•  25% are the result of hazards (slippery surfaces & poor lighting)

Steps to a Safer Home

•  Accident-proof the bathroom (install grab bars, non slip strips and anti-scalding showerhead)
•  Remove scatter rugs
•  Light dark rooms
•  Keep stairs clear
•  Motion sensors for lamps in hallways and rooms
•  Levers on handle doors
•  Dual railings on stairways
•  Shelves with roll out trays
•  Use cordless phones
•  Keep passage ways/rooms neat and uncluttered
•  Encourage an emergency response system

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