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As advances in technology and medicine continue to prolong lives, the blessing of age is often accompanied by decreasing abilities – physical frailty and memory loss. Older family members are also adjusting to a variety of issues, such as loss of a spouse or friends, loss of independence, isolation and loneliness.

Meeting the daily needs of an aging loved one can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. As seniors lose their ability to perform certain activities of daily living, they often find themselves at a crossroad. Should I get help, try to cope with these lifestyles changes on my own or move to a nursing home or residential care facility?

At Alliance Home Health Care, we understand the effects of aging and chronic illnesses that place limitations not only on seniors, but also family members.  When someone loses the ability to live safely on their own, family members often step in and try to help manage their loved ones care related needs. Often these family members live at a distance and are very busy with family or work responsibilities. This is when Alliance Home Health Care can help. We participate as an extension of the family, with our services providing crucial support and peace of mind.

We understand the anxiety, stress and uncertainty that comes with making important decisions about obtaining needed home care. Our professional staff and dedicated caregivers have the experience, knowledge and expertise to enhance your family member’s safety and sense of well-being.

Our Caregivers are:

•  Bonded
•  Insured
•  Thoroughly Screened
•  Background Checked
•  Expertly Trained
•  Supervised by Registered Nurses

We provide worker’s compensation insurance, liability insurance, backup for staff who are out on vacation or sick, and 24 hour on-call services.

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